Head coach of Tennessee Volunteers Josh Heupel said what head coach of LSU Brian Kelly ought to have said.

On Wednesday night, Josh Heupel, the head coach of the Tennessee Vols, gave a master class on how to deal with the seemingly lawless NIL/transfer portal period that college football is currently in.

The statement made by LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly earlier this week that his team isn’t “in the market of buying players” made headlines around the nation.
Before the last stop of the Big Orange Caravan on Wednesday night, a reporter questioned Heupel over Kelly’s remarks.

According to Heupel (via 247Sports), “Man, there’s a lot of different layers to the cake that’s getting baked.” “In the end, what we want are guys who are interested in the culture and environment, but who also want to be there and feel that it matters.” development as a man and style of play—not only on the pitch. Therefore, the goal of all those actions is to finally try to let the appropriate people enter the building.”
Heupel’s response is excellent. He remained steadfast in his support of the values he made apparent, including the supportive and team-oriented culture he established in Knoxville. He did not, however, imply that Tennessee “isn’t in the market of buying players”.

Because you have to be prepared to pay a lot (sometimes all the time if you’re Ole Miss) to swim in the transfer waters where championship teams are born if you want to be competitive in the 12-team playoff era where rosters are being rebuilt almost every offseason.
Heupel is aware of that. Most coaches are aware of it. They may not be in love with it, but they understand that they must be somewhat accommodating with the transfer portal if they are to succeed.

Kelly’s remarks didn’t help him in any way. He now needs to put out a fire.

Heupel, meantime, handled a media availability with ease and didn’t give himself or his show any headaches.

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