Supreme Court Ruling Would Cost Many NFL Fans Up To $5,000

Supreme Court Ruling Would Cost Many NFL Fans Up To $5,000

The very same U.S. Supreme Court that started the week of the Independence Day holiday by restoring monarchical rule to American soil could be set to hit NFL fans in the wallet. SCOTUS is expected to eventually hear the Sunday Ticket case after the NFL appeals last week’s jury verdict to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

A jury found the NFL had violated antitrust laws on its Sunday Ticket subscription service with Direct TV and ruled it was liable for approximately $4.7 billion in damages. Because it was an anti-trust case, that number would triple to $14.3 billion. The payout for fans eligible to receive payment for damages in the suit is estimated to be between $1,900 and $5000.NFL fans shouldn’t plan to spend that money anytime soon.

Judge Philip Gutierrez, who had issues with the prosecution during the trial, still has to render his judgment on the verdict on July 31. He could disregard the jury’s verdict or issue a different amount for the NFL to pay
The league said last week that they plan to appeal the verdict if Guitierrez allows the jury’s verdict to prevail. The case is likely to be finally decided by the Supreme Court.

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