The New York Giants have announced Daniel Jones’ replacement for the remainder of the season.

After a disastrous 2023 season, almost everyone expects Daniel Jones and the New York Giants to file for divorce after 2024. The Giants have the option to opt out of Daniel Jones’ massive contract after this season at a reduced cap charge, and they have made every attempt to move up in the draft to acquire Drake Maye.

Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon made the audacious forecast that the Giants will trade Jones during the regular season in order to get a top draft pick and use that pick to select his replacement. Although no trade package was suggested, trading Jones is improbable.
To begin with, the Giants find it extremely difficult to locate a trade partner willing to take on a salary as large as Jones’. Would a team be prepared to part with any assets to acquire a quarterback the Giants want to jettison this offseason, even if they had the cap space?
In the best-case scenario, the Giants would be forced into a trade by a contending team that lost its starting quarterback. Since most contending clubs are at or close to the salary cap, they might feel more comfortable selecting a seasoned free agency or their backups over Jones.

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