Giants banking on rookie Tyrone Tracy despite limited time at running back

With a rookie who turns 25 midway through his first NFL season and is somewhat inexperienced to the position he will be required to play, what the heck are the Giants going to do with him?

Tyrone Tracy is perhaps the most intriguing and difficult to evaluate of the six players the Giants selected in the 2024 NFL Draft because of his advanced age, lack of experience as a running back, and ability to hit big or not at all.

Purdue’s running backs coach, Lamar Conard, told The Post, “There are plenty of guys that are a little bit older, they’re not mature.” They are unable to handle harsh guidance or the criticism that comes with the position. He is capable of doing all of that and more. Unbelievably, given how young he is at the position, I believe his best football is yet ahead of him. Man, he’s got it when it comes to talent.

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