Tuwo shinkafa one the best food Hausa love….

Tuwo shinkafa one the best food Hausa love….


A variety of rice swallow native to Niger and the northern regions of Nigeria is called tuwon Shinkafa.

It’s a thick pudding made from sticky, soft local rice that’s typically served with a variety of soups, including Miyar Taushe, Miyar Kuka, and Miyar Kubewa.[4][5] Tuwon Masara and Tuwon Dawa are two varieties that are manufactured using sorghum and maize flour, respectively.

Tuwon Shinkafa is referred to as Omo Tuo in Ghana. In Nigeria, the holidays are a time for happiness, family time, and of course, indulging in the many and varied food customs of the nation. Especially during Christmas, families and communities come together to celebrate by cooking and sharing delectable food. It is consistently an unforgettable experience.

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