Nigerian Meals Deserve Their Own Festivals I think Nigerian food is best…

I’m not sure who is in charge of these things, but it’s about time to wrap up the boli, jollof, and ofada rice festivals. Before you crucify me, I am all for supporting our local cuisines, but let’s be honest:

are they the original meals that keep us down? Did you go running for firewood jollof or ofada rice with varied beef when you were broke and tired? I do not think so. These are the meals we will be giving their flowers from now on.

The endless stories from Nigerians about how garri has saved lives since the beginning of time notwithstanding, has anyone thought of celebrating this dish with a festival? Come on, please. It is displaying partial favouritism. For this adaptable staple, we must host a sizable festival of garri fans. It offers us a variety of dishes like as eba, garri cake, garri soup, and traditional soaked garri with groundnuts.

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