There are Tiv people who love yam….

There are Tiv (or Tiiv)[2] who are Tivoid people. They number more over 5 million people in both Nigeria and Cameroon, making up about 2.4% of the country’s total population.[3] With a small number of speakers in Cameroon, the Tiv language is spoken by nearly 5 million people in Nigeria.


Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa, Plateau, Cross Rivers, Adamawa, Kaduna, and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja are home to the majority of the language’s speakers who are Nigerian.

The language belongs to the Benue–Congo branch, which in turn is a part of the Niger–Congo phylum. Prior to colonisation, the Fulani ethnic group called the Tiv “Munchi” (often transcribed Munshi, as in Duggan 1932), a title that the Tiv people do not accept. For both trade and subsistence, they rely on agricultural products.

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