Best Nigerian food we mentioned

If so, they ought to return to claim their notoriety and allow me to resume my former life, Biko. Being nameless and content is preferable to being a celebrity and constantly stressed out.


Not even the president of a country, Buhari, puts in the same amount of effort as I do.


And there he is, visiting London for pleasure. Please, go easy on the Buhari defamation. What will therefore transpire? Let Buhari come clean if he believes he works harder than I do. Let’s count together while we sit down. I show up in Egusi soup all the time. Has Buhari carried it out? Is Buhari capable of doing that? Oha soup, this is me. Hello, my name is Ogbono.


You folks assume it’s by sitting inside Aso Rock. Do you believe I would consider going into politics if it weren’t for my hard work for the Igbo people? Na wa oh. Have you spoken with them at all? Igbo people? Their coconut head is not of this planet. If you complain, they will increase your workload. At first, I was only used to flavouring soup, which was good. I’m not sure who asked me to answer them and enter Jollof rice. When they realised how hardworking I could be within Jollof rice, they began putting me inside everything. Now I enter Jollof rice steadily. Fried rice nko? I dey. Even Indomie.

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