The Fufu Factory’s globalisation of West African deliciousnessThe Fufu Factory’s globalisation of West African deliciousness

The Fufu Factory’s globalisation of West African deliciousnessThe Fufu Factory’s globalisation of West African deliciousness

Expanding its activities throughout Nigeria, The Fufu Factory is a company spearheading innovation in the food market. The startup, which started operations in July 2023, seeks to rethink the fufu production process while addressing long-standing hygiene issues that have clouded the reputation of this beloved West African treat. Its originator, Kehinde Efevoghor Omojuyigbe, claims that By limiting human involvement and maximising quality assurance, The Fufu Factory cleverly ushers in a new era of fufu consumption by fusing age-old traditions with cutting-edge technology.

Speaking about the new endeavour, Omojuyigbe stated that the belief that fufu is a delicacy best enjoyed by the poorest members of society drives the unhealthy manufacturing of the delicacy in Nigeria and throughout West Africa. She states that industries in Nigeria need to innovate by taking indigenous items and packaging them for worldwide markets if the country’s economy is to compete with those of other nations.

That is merely a portion of our work. Many people are unaware that cassava fufu is healthier than other foods available. Fufu has a low-glycerin diet, which reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, according to recent studies. The most popular food in West and Central Africa is fufu. Furthermore, the processing method used can be highly hazardous and filthy.
That was the main motivation for this company. As the name suggests, we intend to incorporate all the kinds of what is known as fufu in the future, since the term is not limited to cassava in West Africa. We intend to increase our production of unripe plantain, in addition to rice fufu, she stated. She added that because blood glucose levels remain constant rather than falling when insulin is created, the nutritional qualities of cassava fufu guarantee that it aids in enhancing physical endurance.

Due to its capacity to reduce hunger and fat storage in fat cells, fufu is a miracle food for weight loss. Fufu has the healthiest starch for your digestive system. 50% of the vitamin C in fufu strengthens the immune system. We recently acquired FDA certification, indicating that our food is safe for ingestion in the US, as a result of our emphasis on hygiene, Omojuyigbe continued.
She claimed that The Fufu Factory was founded with the idea of creating food of the highest calibre and has quickly become well-known for its carefully prepared, ready-to-eat, and ready-to-cook fufu items.

The company was founded with the noble goal of revolutionising the manufacture of fufu and making it a widely enjoyed, sanitary, and easily accessible food item.


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