Akwa Ibom organises a small food fair

Akwa Ibom organises a small food fair

A small food festival is in progress to highlight the abundant cuisine of Akwa Ibom State.

The projected food market is being organised by the Nigeria Agribusiness and Agriculture Development Initiative, and they also mentioned that it will be a part of the Agribusiness Roundtable Conference’s second edition, which is scheduled for December 11–13, 2022.
Mr. Howard Usen, the program’s South-South organiser, said on Monday that the conference’s theme is “Thriving in a Dwindling Economy.”

Usen stated that afang soup is widely consumed throughout the world and that, in order to export it, it is important to highlight this region for which the state is well-known.

“The mini food fair is another feature of the Agribusiness Roundtable Conference’s second edition,” he stated. People always say “Calabar Kitchen” wherever they go. In order to highlight the abundant cuisine that Akwa Ibom State is renowned for, we are attempting to arrange a small food festival.

He explained that the conference’s focus was special in light of the weak economy brought on by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Usen pointed out that every nation was impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war, which broke out before the COVID-19 epidemic, and that in order for people and organisations to survive and advance, they had to come up with fresh ideas and solutions.

In addition to the conference, he said arrangements had been finalised to open the Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Agriculture, which would act as a commercial hub for the South-East and South-South countries.

Uwen suggested that the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, located in the southwest, would serve as the centre.

“We also have the Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Agriculture’s launch,” he stated. We discovered that there isn’t one of these organisations in the entire South-South and South-East.

The centre will make use of underutilised agricultural resources in the South-South region of Nigeria and its surroundings, where they have a competitive advantage. These include seafood, vegetables, palm oil, and cassava, whose processing for domestic consumption and export will bring in a sizable number of money.

“A fully operational centre for sustainable and innovative agriculture would serve as a major hub in the South-East and South-South regions and be the leading seat of innovative solutions in value addition to locally produced goods.”

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