Diabetes sufferers can have amala, fufu, and eba with veggies.

Diabetes sufferers can have amala, fufu, and eba with veggies.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day this year, Prof. Olufemi Fasanmade, a professor of medicine and endocrinology with extensive experience in the treatment of diabetes, recommended Nigerians to consume traditional foods to ward off the illness while also stating that eating eba, amala, and fufu with vegetables was beneficial for diabetes patients.
Speaking on Monday at a webinar hosted by the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Lagos State Chapter, the endocrinologist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital bemoaned the fact that 4 to 5 million Nigerians were expected to be afflicted by the condition by 2021.
According to Fasanmade, who provided alarming diabetes data for the nation, less than one-third of patients receive target treatment, and less than 20% of patients take insulin of any kind.

He said that one in ten individuals, especially adults, have diabetes and that eating eba is better than eating wheat since it has more fibre.

There’s a lot of fibre in our traditional eba. Additionally, by the time you add the veggies again, you are consuming additional fiber-rich foods. Hence, eba is a good food.

The one restriction is that your eba shouldn’t be larger than your head. For there are those who eat as if there isn’t tomorrow. You’ll observe how big the

Thus, consuming eba is preferable to consuming two beef pies. It is preferable to consume eba instead of rice. A loaf of bread is not as good as eating eba. Ignore those who advise eating wheat if you have diabetes.

The huge, big industries that want to sell their wheat are in charge of those. Eba is a very tasty food. Amala is excellent. Fufu are also excellent. That, I believe, answers my questions.

“Leave alone all those sweet treats like shortbread biscuits, shawarmas, and sweet meat pies. Water is the best fruit juice to consume. Fruit juice isn’t even that tasty. Thus, refrain from saying, “I don’t drink soft drinks.” I drink fruit juice. Since the majority of those fruit juices are very concentrated, Many of those fruit juices have fructose added to them, and the majority of them are extremely concentrated. Thus, with the current state of the economy, that is what one should do.

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