Crayfish in an interview: “Igbo People Need To Release Me”

Oh, my love, act like a Roman when you visit Rome. It is only fitting that I pick up their language, given that Igbo people have welcomed me into their community. In addition, that is the only family I am aware of.


Igbo people were what I saw when I opened my eyes at birth, not my fellow aquatic animals. Accepting them as my own people was the only option available to me. Well. Does this imply that you are an Igbo of Aqua? Aqua-Igbo: What is it? It has two heritages.


Aquaman, but with a Crayfish twist. Isi gini? You know, that hybrid of Igbo and aquatics? Yes, I understand. Nwanne m, I believe I am a true-blooded Igbo after showing up in every Igbo meal. Something about me that is not entirely Aqua-Igbo. If not,

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