The Recipe For The Well-Known Nigerian Vegetable Soup — Ẹ̀f́ Rírò

The Recipe For The Well-Known Nigerian Vegetable Soup — Ẹ̀f́ Rírò

“Efo Riro,” a well-known Nigerian vegetable soup, is a tasty and nourishing meal that frequently contains fish or meat in addition to a variety of vegetables. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make it.

– A variety of meat, such as tripe, goat meat, and beef.
– A variety of fish, including dried, smoked, and stockfish
– Palm kernel oil
– A variety of veggies, such as pumpkin leaves, kale, and spinach
– Onions
– Tomatoes
– Green, yellow, and red bell peppers
– Scotch bonnet chilies, to taste and adjust for heat
– Seasoning cubes
– Salt
– Ground crayfish, if desired
– Locust beans (extra, for taste only)
– Ground pepper, if desired for added spiciness

1 Preparation: Rinse and chop the variety of meats into small pieces. To soften stockfish, if using it, soak it in water for the entire night.
– Process the bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and scotch bonnet peppers into a smooth paste.
– Clean the variety of fish and remove the bones if needed. To make dried fish softer, immerse it in hot water.

2. Cooking: In a pot over medium heat, warm the palm oil. Add sliced onions and cook till transparent once it’s heated up.
– When the oil starts to separate from the peppers, add the blended pepper mixture to the pot and sauté.
– Include the mixed meats and fish in the pot and well stir to incorporate them with the pepper mixture.
– Add salt, seasoning cubes, and any more spices of your choice to season. Include Crushed crayfish and, if desired, locust beans. When the meat and fish are tender, cover the pot and let them cook in the pepper mixture for 20 to 30 minutes.
3. Including Veggies – Rinse and roughly slice the various veggies (spinach, kale, and pumpkin leaves) into small pieces.
– Stir thoroughly to blend the chopped veggies with the meat and fish mixture after adding them to the pot.
– Let the veggies cook for a further five to ten minutes, or until they are soft and wilted.

4. Adding the finishing touches: Taste the soup and, if needed, adjust the seasoning. If you want extra heat, add ground pepper.
– Take the pot from the heat and serve the Efo Riro hot when the vegetables are cooked to your preference.

5. Serving – Rice, mashed yam, fufu, or any other favourite staple cuisine are usually served alongside efo rido.

Savour the flavorful Nigerian vegetable soup!



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