Since tomatoes are so expensive, FCT women don’t include them in stew recipes.

Since tomatoes are so expensive, FCT women don’t include them in stew recipes.

Due to the rising cost of tomatoes, some housewives in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, revealed on Sunday that they have stopped using them in their stews and other sauces.

The locals have resorted to utilising garden eggplants and carrots in their stews, they revealed in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

Others stated that instead of experimenting with tomatoes stew, they were looking at pumpkin, pawpaw, or classic soups like white soup and palm fruit soup, often known as banga soup.

A week without rice and tomato stew, according to Jumai Amodu, a mother of five, was disappointing for her and her family.

They claimed that, like tomatoes, garden eggs, also known as ganyen gauta in Hausa, igba in Yoruba, and anyara in Igbo, could blend extremely well with rice.

According to her, “there is an inexplicable satisfaction that comes with taking cooked rice and stew,” and rice and stew are a staple on their menu.
Nonetheless, the mother of five stated that her family was considering garden egg stew due to the shortage and expensive price of tomatoes.
“Since tomatoes became so expensive, we decided to use garden eggs for stew, and it is just as sweet as tomato stew,” Mrs. Amodu stated.
The hue is the only significant distinction between tomato stew and garden egg stew.
We occasionally pair pumpkin stew with rice as well; although having a distinct flavour, it works well.
Businesswoman Helen Omo stated that while tomato stew was a staple in practically every Nigerian home, its scarcity

Yesterday, I went to the market to buy some tomatoes for stew. I noticed that a large bushel of tomatoes, usually sold for between N2000 and N2500, was being offered for as high as N6500.

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